Bishop C. Milton Grannum Ed.D., Ph.D.

Bishop C. Milton Grannum Ed.D., Ph.D. and his wife, Rev. Dr. Hyacinth Bobb Grannum, are the Pastors of the New Covenant Church of Philadelphia, which they founded in November of 1982. The church is located on the 42-acre New Covenant Campus.

Bishop Grannum is the radio and TV teacher of “Wisdom from the Word” and the author of three books. As Bishop, he oversees several ministries and congregations both in and out of the United States. In 1996, he was unanimously selected by the General Assembly in the nation of Guyana to oversee the work of the Church of God in that country.

He has founded several community organizations such as Equipping You for Excellence, Grannum Global Ministries, Youth for Understanding, People At Work, and Young Ambassadors for Excellence.
As a religious leader and educator for over forty five years, he has served the Philadelphia community as a member of several religious, educational and civic boards and commissions. He has also served on the Executive Council, the Board of Directors and the Cabinet of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. He serves on the International Leadership Team with Dr. John Maxwell in the training of one million leaders worldwide. Over the years, Bishop Grannum has served on a number of city, state and national organizations.

Bishop Grannum and his wife are blessed with one daughter, Gillian, and four sons, Dwayne, Aubrey, Andrew, and Samuel.